PubMed 25225983

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Title: Proton gradient-induced water transport mediated by water wires inside narrow aquapores of aquafoldamer molecules.

Authors: Huaiqing Zhao, Shen Sheng, Yunhan Hong, Huaqiang Zeng

Journal, date & volume: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2014 Oct 8 , 136, 14270-6

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Hollow tubular aquapores inside aquafoldamers can be created via the "sticky" end-mediated formation of 1D chiral helical stacks involving same-handed helices, and are capable of aligning H-bonded water molecules in a chain-like fashion. These aquapores uniquely feature a small cavity of ∼2.8 Å in diameter, a size identical to that of the water molecule and also comparable to the narrowest opening in naturally occurring aquaporins measuring ∼3 Å across, and hence allow not only proton transport but also unique proton-gradient-induced water transport across the lipid membranes in the presence of proton gradient.