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Title: Permanent neonatal diabetes misdiagnosed as type 1 diabetes in a 28-year-old female: a life-changing diagnosis.

Authors: Yotsapon Thewjitcharoen, Ekgaluck Wanothayaroj, Thep Himathongkam, Sarah E Flanagan, Sian Ellard, Andrew T Hattersley

Journal, date & volume: Diabetes Res. Clin. Pract., 2014 Nov , 106, e22-4

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Many patients with monogenic diabetes are missed or misclassified. Herein, we report a 28-year-old Indian female who developed diabetes at the age of 3 months. An audit of our type 1 diabetes database led to her genetic testing. A KCNJ11 mutation was identified and she was successfully switched to sulphonylurea.