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Title: KCNK18 (TRESK) genetic variants in Italian patients with migraine.

Authors: Innocenzo Rainero, Elisa Rubino, Salvatore Gallone, Paola Zavarise, Daniela Carli, Silvia Boschi, Pierpaola Fenoglio, Lidia Savi, Salvatore Gentile, Paolo Benna, Lorenzo Pinessi, Giorgio Dalla Volta

Journal, date & volume: Headache, 2014 Oct , 54, 1515-22

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To evaluate the prevalence of KCNK18 gene mutations in a dataset of Italian migraineurs, with and without aura, and in healthy controls, and to investigate in silico the functional effects of the mutations.A role for the KCNK18 gene encoding for TRESK, a member of the family of potassium channel, has been recently suggested in migraine with aura.We sequenced the KCNK18 gene in 425 migraineurs (255 with aura and 170 without aura) and 247 healthy controls.Five genetic variants (R10G, C110R, Y163Y, S231P, and F372L) were found in 13 (5.1%) out of 255 migraine with aura patients, and 6 variants (R10G, D46D, C110R, Y163Y, S178T, and S231P) were identified in 12 (7.1%) out of 170 migraine without aura patients. In 2.8% of controls, the R10G and L20V substitutions were found. In silico analysis suggested that C110R, S178T, S231P, and F372L mutations may have potential damaging effect on channel function, whereas the remaining mutations may have low damaging effect.Our study shows the presence of several KCNK18 gene mutations in both migraine with aura and migraine without aura. However, the precise role of this gene in migraine predisposition deserves further studies.