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Title: miR‑107 promotes the erythroid differentiation of leukemia cells via the downregulation of Cacna2d1.

Authors: Jie Ruan, Xinguang Liu, Xingdong Xiong, Chunlong Zhang, Jiangbin Li, Huiling Zheng, Chirong Huang, Qiong Shi, Yaguang Weng

Journal, date & volume: Mol Med Rep, 2015 Feb , 11, 1334-9

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microRNAs (miRNAs) have been reported to be involved in various human diseases. They may have uses in diagnosis and as therapeutic targets, thus the discovery of novel miRNAs has the potential to provide clinical tools or shed light on novel mechanisms. In the current study, miR‑107 was revealed to be downregulated in chronic myeloid leukemia cells. Overexpression of miR‑107 in K562 and KCL‑22 chronic myeloid leukemia cells promotes erythroid differentiation, while having no effect on cell proliferation. Further bioinformatics predicted that one target of miR‑107 may be Cacna2d1, a calcium channel protein. A luciferase reporter assay and quantitative polymerase chain reaction were utilized to confirm that Cacna2d1 is a target molecule of miR-107. The effect of miR‑107 on K562 and KCL‑22 cells was mediated through the downregulation of Cacna2d1, as rescued expression of Cacna2d1 reversed the effects of miR‑107. In summary, the current study identified a novel miRNA that is involved in chronic myeloid leukemia cell erythroid differentiation and the associated mechanisms, making it a potential therapeutic target in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.