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Title: Rare cases of congenital arthrogryposis multiplex caused by novel recurrent CHRNG mutations.

Authors: Jieun Seo, In-Ho Choi, Je Sang Lee, Yongjin Yoo, Nayoung K D Kim, Murim Choi, Jung Min Ko, Yong Beom Shin

Journal, date & volume: J. Hum. Genet., 2015 Apr , 60, 213-5

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Multiple pterygium syndrome (MPS) is an autosomal recessively inherited condition that becomes evident before birth, with pterygium at multiple joints and akinesia. There are two forms of this syndrome that are differentiated by clinical severity: the milder form, Escobar type (OMIM#265000), and the more severe form, lethal type (OMIM#253290). Mutations in CHRNG, which encode the acetylcholine receptor gamma subunit, cause most cases of MPS. Here, we present three patients from two unrelated families showing multiple joint contractures in both the upper and lower limbs. High-arched palates with malocclusion, short neck and micrognathia were observed in all patients. Peripheral blood karyotypes were normal. Whole-exome sequencing analysis of the patients' genomes led to the discovery of identical missense (p.Pro143Arg) and frameshift deletion variants (p.Pro251fs*45) on CHRNG. These were rare cases of congenital arthrogryposis multiplex related to novel recessive CHRNG variants in two Korean kindred without apparent relatedness.