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Title: [Sequence analysis of coding regions of KCNJ5 gene in unilateral adrenal hyperplasia].

Authors: Jingjing Zhang, Nanfang Li, Yanrong Hu, Dan Shao, Hai Yang, Ling Zhou, Jing Hong

Journal, date & volume: Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi, 2015 Feb , 32, 21-5

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To investigate the prevalence of KCNJ5 gene missense mutations and their role in patients with unilateral adrenal hyperplasia (UAH).Fourteen UAH tissues were collected through surgical resection, and all the tissues were confirmed by pathology. Peripheral blood samples of the same patients were collected as control. The coding regions of the KCNJ5 were detected by direct DNA sequencing. Protein structure and function were predicted with specific software.Three missense mutations were detected among the 14 patients with UAH, which included c.451G>C/A (p.G151R) (2/14), c.503T>G (p.L168R) (1/14), c.830T>A (p.S209T) (9/14). Among these, c.830T>A is a newly identified somatic mutation. Protein structure prediction showed that S209T lied in the second transmembrane domain, a conservation region of KCNJ5. S209 was also the phosphorylation site of PKC that is located in intracellular area.Missense mutations of KCNJ5 gene may be associated with UAH. Protein structure prediction has suggested that KCNJ5 mutations may be associated with UAH.