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Title: SOCE in neurons: Signaling or just refilling?

Authors: Lukasz Majewski, Jacek Kuznicki

Journal, date & volume: Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 2015 Sep , 1853, 1940-52

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In this review we describe the present knowledge about store operated Ca²⁺ entry (SOCE) in neurons and the proteins involved in this process: STIM, as well as Orai and TRP channels. We address the issue of whether SOCE is used only to refill Ca²⁺ in the ER or whether Ca²⁺ that enters the neuronal cell during SOCE also performs signaling functions. We collected the data indicating that SOCE and its components participate in the important processes in neurons. This has implications for identifying new drug targets for the treatment of brain diseases. Evidence indicates that in neurodegenerative diseases Ca²⁺ homeostasis and SOCE components become dysregulated. Thus, different targets and strategies might be identified for the potential treatment of these diseases. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: 13th European symposium on calcium.