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Title: Genetic testing for spinocerebellar ataxias in patients diagnosed as Parkinson's disease in Bangladesh.

Authors: M S Rahman, M A Sarkar, M F Rahman, S K Paul, S Y Nagai, M J Uddin, T Toda

Journal, date & volume: Mymensingh Med J, 2015 Jan , 24, 44-51

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This study was conducted to find out Spinocerebellar Ataxias (SCA) by genetic analysis from those patients presenting with Parkinsonism in the Neurology department of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh. A sample of about 5ml blood was collected by venipuncture in EDTA tube after having informed consent from each patients and healthy individual, with due Institutional Ethical committee approval for genetic study of 7 healthy people and 9 patients. The neurological disorder along with a complete physical and/or psychological, as well as family history and demographic data was recorded with a prescribed questionnaire by the neurologists of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. Extraction of genomic DNA from the venous blood using Flexi Gene DNA kit (Qiagen, Japan) was performed in Faculty of Veterinary Science, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. The extracted DNA was stored, accumulated and then were sent to Division of Clinical Genetics, Department of Medical Genetics, Osaka University Medical School, Suita, Osaka 565 0871, Japan for PCR and further analysis. PCR amplification of the CAG repeat was performed for the SCA1, SCA2, SCA3, SCA6 loci using primers SCA1N-F1 and SCA1N-R1, SCA2-F1 and SCA2-R1, MJDF1 and MJDR1, SCA6-F1 and SCA6-R1, respectively. SCA1 PCR of both healthy individual and suspected Parkinsons Disease (PD) patients DNA was found 250 bp (no. of CAG repeats=36). SCA2 PCR products reveal the DNA products of about 150 bp (no. of CAG repeats=23) except one patient that was suspected and it was sequenced and revealed 175bp (no. of CAG repeats=30). SCA3 PCR product size of both healthy individual and patient DNA was within 250 (no. of CAG repeats=11) to 300 bp (no. of CAG repeats=28) except one patient which was about 320 bp and its CAG repeats was about 34. SCA6 PCR product size of both healthy individual and patient DNA was about 150 bp (no. of CAG repeats=16).