PubMed 26102359

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Title: Direct injection of cell-free Kir1.1 protein into Xenopus oocytes replicates single-channel currents derived from Kir1.1 mRNA.

Authors: Henry Sackin, Mikheil Nanazashvili, Shin-Ichi Makino

Journal, date & volume: Channels (Austin), 2015 , 9, 196-9

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The development of integral membrane protein cell-free synthesis permits in-vitro labeling of accessible cysteines for real-time FRET and LRET measurements. The functional integrity of these synthetic ion channel proteins has been verified at the whole oocyte level by direct injection into, and recording from, Xenopus oocytes. However, the microscopic single-channel properties of cell-free translated protein have not been systematically examined. In the present study, we compare patch-clamp currents originating from cell-free protein with currents derived from mRNA injection, using the same (single-Cys) inward rectifier DNA template (C189-Kir1.1b). Results indicate that cell-free Kir protein, incorporated into liposomes and injected into oocytes, is trafficked to the plasma membrane where it inserts in an outside-out orientation and exhibits single-channel characteristics identical to that derived from a corresponding mRNA.