PubMed 26112884

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Title: Modeling Suggests TRPC3 Hydrogen Bonding and Not Phosphorylation Contributes to the Ataxia Phenotype of the Moonwalker Mouse.

Authors: Sonya M Hanson, Mark S P Sansom, Esther B E Becker

Journal, date & volume: Biochemistry, 2015 Jul 7 , 54, 4033-41

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A gain-of-function mutation (T635A) in the transient receptor potential (TRP) channel TRPC3 results in abnormal channel gating and causes cerebellar ataxia in the dominant Moonwalker (Mwk) mouse mutant. However, the underlying molecular and structural mechanisms are unclear. Here, we used a combined approach of computational modeling and functional characterization of proposed TRPC3 mutants. Our findings support a mechanism by which the hydrogen bonding capability of threonine 635 plays a significant role in maintaining a stable, closed state channel. This capability is lost in the Mwk mutant, suggesting a structural basis for the disease-causing phenotype in the Mwk mouse.