PubMed 26177720

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Title: Orai/CRACM1 and KCa3.1 ion channels interact in the human lung mast cell plasma membrane.

Authors: S Mark Duffy, Ian Ashmole, Dawn T Smallwood, Mark L Leyland, Peter Bradding

Journal, date & volume: Cell Commun. Signal, 2015 , 13, 32

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Orai/CRACM1 ion channels provide the major Ca(2+) influx pathway for FcεRI-dependent human lung mast cell (HLMC) mediator release. The Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channel KCa3.1 modulates Ca(2+) influx and the secretory response through hyperpolarisation of the plasma membrane. We hypothesised that there is a close functional and spatiotemporal interaction between these Ca(2+)- and K(+)-selective channels.Activation of FcεRI-dependent HLMC KCa3.1 currents was dependent on the presence of extracellular Ca(2+), and attenuated in the presence of the selective Orai blocker GSK-7975A. Currents elicited by the KCa3.1 opener 1-EBIO were also attenuated by GSK-7975A. The Orai1 E106Q dominant-negative mutant ablated 1-EBIO and FcεRI-dependent KCa3.1 currents in HLMCs. Orai1 but not Orai2 was shown to co-immunoprecipitate with KCa3.1 when overexpressed in HEK293 cells, and Orai1 and KCa3.1 were seen to co-localise in the HEK293 plasma membrane using confocal microscopy.KCa3.1 activation in HLMCs is highly dependent on Ca(2+) influx through Orai1 channels, mediated via a close spatiotemporal interaction between the two channels.