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Title: Kcnh2 and Kcnj8 Interactively Regulate Skin Wound Healing and Regeneration.

Authors: Wengeng Zhang, Marianna Bei

Journal, date & volume: Wound Repair Regen, 2015 Jul 28 , ,

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Previous studies indicate that ion channels are mediators of bioelectricity promoting wound closure/regeneration in nonmammalian, lower vertebrate systems. The role of ion channels however in regeneration of wounds in mammalian systems that do not regenerate as adults is not yet defined. Using a mammalian model system that allows us to determine differentially expressed genes when skin regenerates and when skin does not regenerate after wound induction, we identified two potassium channels, kcnh2 and kcnj8, to be (1) differentially expressed between the two states and (2) highly expressed after wound induction at the nonregenerative state. We also found that kcnh2 small molecule inhibitor enhanced wound healing while kcnj8 small molecule inhibitor did not. In contrast, kcnj8 activator accelerated wound healing and even augmented the effect of kcnh2 inhibition. These results provide evidence for the first time that potassium channels may mediate skin wound healing and regeneration interactively.