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Title: Developmental changes in the expression and function of TRPC6 channels related the F-actin organization during differentiation in podocytes.

Authors: Zhaowei Liu, Jiajia Yang, Xiaochen Zhang, Pengjuan Xu, Tao Zhang, Zhuo Yang

Journal, date & volume: Cell Calcium, 2015 Sep 3 , ,

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The transient receptor potential canonical (TRPC) 6 channel is an important ion channel located in podocytes, which plays an essential role in regulating calcium homeostasis of the cell signaling. Podocytes are specialized, terminally differentiated cells surrounding glomerular capillaries, and are the subject of keen interest because of their key roles in kidney development and disease. Here we wonder whether TRPC6 channels undergo developmental changes in the expression and function during the podocyte differentiation, and whether they contribute to the maturation of podocytes. Using morphological, immunohistochemical and electrophysiological techniques, we investigated the development of distribution and expression of TRPC6 in conditionally immortalized mouse podocyte cell line. Our results showed that the distribution of TRPC6 channels changed with the maturity of podocyte differentiation. The fluorescent intensity of TRPC6 on cell surface increased, which was accompanied by a corresponding increase in the density of current flowing through the channels. TRPC6 inhibition by TRPC6 siRNA or SKF-96365, a blocker or TRP cation channels, resulted in F-actin cytoskeleton disruption only on the developmental stage of podocytes. These results strongly support the conclusion that TPRC6 is an essential component of the slit diaphragm and is required for development of glomerulus.