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Title: [Early diagnosis of prostate cancer by combined use of Trp-p8 expression and PSA density of the transition zone].

Authors: Xin-sheng Zhang, Ying Zhang, Pan-xing Wu, Shui-jiao Liu, Jian-yu Zhou, Shi-xiong Liu

Journal, date & volume: Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue, 2015 Aug , 21, 724-8

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To study the expression of the Trp-p8 protein in the prostate tissue of the PSA "grey zone" with different PSA density of the transition zone (PSADTZ) and explore the value of determining Trp-p8 expression and PSADTZ in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa).This study involved 30 cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and another 30 cases of PCa with different PSADTZ values. Using a data imaging and analysis system, we determined the expression levels of Trp-p8 in BPH and PCa tissues and analyzed their correlation with PSADTZ.The expression of Trp-p8 was weak or negative in the BPH but strong in the PCa tissue and even stronger in the PCa tissue with high PSADTZ (F = 34. 05, P < 0.05).The Trp-p8 protein is expressed differently in BPH and PCa tissues of the PSA " grey zone" and its expression is positively correlated with PSADTZ. Determination of the Trp-p8 expression and PSADTZ contributes to the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.