PubMed 26479129

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Title: Carvedilol Suppresses Apoptosis and Ion Channel Remodelling of HL-1 Cardiac Myocytes Expressing E334K cMyBPC.

Authors: R Endo, U Bahrudin, T Notsu, S Tanno, T Onohara, S Yamaguchi, N Ikeda, B Surastri, Y Nakayama, H Ninomiya, Y Shirayoshi, Y Inagaki, K Yamamoto, A Yoshida, I Hisatome

Journal, date & volume: Drug Res (Stuttg), 2015 Oct 19 , ,

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Besides its antiarrhythmic action, carvedilol has an activity to suppress cardiac tissue damage. However, it is unknown whether it has any effect on cellular apoptosis and ion channel remodelling.To know whether carvedilol has any effect on apoptosis and ion channel remodeling of HL-1 cells expressing E334K MyBPC, and comparing it with bisoprolol.We examined effects of carvedilol and bisoprolol on the levels of pro- and anti-apoptotic proteins and ion channels as well as apoptosis of HL-1 cells transfected with E334K MyBPC using Western blot and flow cytometry.Carvedilol decreased the protein levels of p53, Bax and cytochrome c and increased that of Bcl-2 in HL-1 cells expressing E334K MyBPC. Bisoprolol failed to affect the protein levels. Both carvedilol and bisoprolol increased the protein levels of Cav1.2 but not that of Nav1.5. Carvedilol was stronger than bisoprolol at decreasing the number of annexin-V positive cells in HL-1 cells expressing E334K MyBPC.Carvedilol suppressed apoptosis of HL-1 cells expressing E334K MyBPC through modification of pro- and anti-apoptotic proteins, whose was associated with an increase of Cav 1.2 protein expression.