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Title: Effects of laser irradiation at different wavelengths (660, 810, 980, and 1064 nm) on transient receptor potential melastatin channels in an animal model of wound healing.

Authors: Eren Isman, Mutan Hamdi Aras, Beyhan Cengiz, Recep Bayraktar, Umit Yolcu, Tolga Topcuoglu, Aslihan Usumez, Tuncer Demir

Journal, date & volume: Lasers Med Sci, 2015 Apr 12 , ,

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The aim of the present study was to compare the effectiveness of four different laser wavelengths used for low-level laser therapy(LLLT) on healing of mucositis in an animal model of wound healing, by investigating expression of transient receptor potential melastatin(TRPM) ion channels. Forty-five rats were intraperitoneally injected with 100 mg/kg 5-fluorouracil on day 1 and 65 mg/kg on day 3. Superficial scratching on left cheek pouch mucosa was performed on days 3 and 5. After ulcerative mucositis was clinically detected, LLLT was started (660 nm, HELBO; 810 nm, Fotona-XD; 980 nm, ARC-Fox; and 1064 nm, Fidelis-Plus3) at 8 J/cm(2)/day from days 1 to 4. Oval excisional biopsy was performed at the wound site, and expression of TRPM2 to TRPM8 was evaluated. Student's t test was used for evaluation of significance of TRPM gene expression according to "0" value (α = 0.05). In 980-nm group, TRPM4, TRPM6, and TRPM7 were significantly higher than in the control group (p < 0.005). In 660, 810, and 1064 nm groups, only TRPM6 was significantly higher than in control group (p < 0.005). There were no significant differences between control and sham groups (p > 0.05). These findings suggest that expression of TRPM6 gene was significantly affected by irradiation with lasers at different wavelengths, whereas the TRPM4 and TRPM7 genes were only expressed in the 980-nm diode laser group. TRPM6 gene was highly expressed during LLLT, which may lead to accelerated wound healing and tissue repair. In contrast, there was some evidence that the 980-nm diode laser caused increased expression of TRPM4, TRPM6, and TRPM7 which are responsible for stimulation of Ca(2+) and Mg(2+) metabolism, as well as apoptotic pathways of controlled cell death.