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Title: Calcium flux and endothelial dysfunction during acute lung injury: a STIMulating target for therapy.

Authors: Eric J Seeley, Paul Rosenberg, Michael A Matthay

Journal, date & volume: J. Clin. Invest., 2013 Mar , 123, 1015-8

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Bacterial pathogen-associated molecular pattern molecules (PAMPs) such as LPS activate the endothelium and can lead to lung injury, but the signaling pathways mediating endothelial injury remain incompletely understood. In a recent issue of the JCI, Gandhirajan et al. identify STIM1, an ER calcium sensor, as a key link between LPS-induced ROS, calcium oscillations, and endothelial cell (EC) dysfunction. In addition, they report that BTP2, an inhibitor of calcium channels, attenuates lung injury. This study identifies a novel endothelial signaling pathway that could be a future target for the treatment of lung injury.