PubMed 24037125

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Title: Control of urinary bladder smooth muscle excitability by the TRPM4 channel modulator 9-phenanthrol.

Authors: Shankar P Parajuli, Kiril L Hristov, Michelle N Sullivan, Wenkuan Xin, Amy C Smith, Scott Earley, John Malysz, Georgi V Petkov

Journal, date & volume: Channels (Austin), 2013 Nov-Dec , 7, 537-40

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The Ca (2+)-activated monovalent cation selective transient receptor potential melastatin 4 (TRPM4) channel has been recently identified in detrusor smooth muscle (DSM) of the urinary bladder. Two recent publications by our research group provide evidence in support of the novel hypothesis that TRPM4 channels enhance DSM excitability and contractility. This is a critical question as prior studies have primarily targeted hyperpolarizing currents facilitated by K(+) channels, but the depolarizing component in DSM cells is not well understood. For the first time, we utilized the selective TRPM4 channel inhibitor, 9-phenanthrol, to investigate TRPM4 channel functional effects in DSM at both cellular and tissue levels in rodents. Our new data presented here showed that in rat DSM cells, 9-phenanthrol attenuates spontaneous inward currents in the presence of the muscarinic receptor agonist, carbachol, thus reducing DSM cell excitability. In support of our original hypothesis, we found that TRPM4 channel mRNA levels are much higher in DSM vs. vascular smooth muscle and that inhibition of TRPM4 channels can potentially attenuate DSM excitability. Thus, we postulate the novel concept that selective pharmacological inhibition of TRPM4 channels can limit both excitability and contractility of DSM.