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Title: Psoriatic keratinocytes are resistant to tumor necrosis factor alpha's induction of mRNA for the NMDA-R2C subunit.

Authors: Vera B Morhenn, William J Nahm, Jonathan N Mansbridge

Journal, date & volume: Exp. Dermatol., 2013 Nov , 22, 750-1

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Psoriatic individuals demonstrate accelerated healing and the Koebner phenomenon, suggesting that psoriatic proliferation of keratinocytes is not inhibited appropriately after skin injury. Serial analysis of gene expression in TNFα-exposed keratinocytes shows the greatest alteration in expression of NMDA-R2C. Expression of the NMDA receptor is altered in diseased skin containing TNFα, and TNFα plays a prominent role in psoriasis. An abnormality in induction of NMDA-R2C by TNFα in psoriatic keratinocytes may explain their lack of growth inhibition. We compared the capacity of TNFα to induce expression of NMDA-R2C in normal and psoriatic (involved and uninvolved) keratinocytes in vitro. After 72 h of incubation with TNFα, normal keratinocytes demonstrated a significant induction of NMDA-R2C mRNA compared with control cultures, whereas psoriatic keratinocytes showed no induction. In an in vitro model of wounding (scratches on monolayers), TNFα inhibited migration/proliferation of keratinocytes only at the edge of NMDA-R2C expressing wounded monolayers of normal keratinocytes.