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Title: E23K variant in KCNJ11 gene is associated with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in the Mauritanian population.

Authors: Isselmou Abdelhamid, Khaled Lasram, Ghlana Meiloud, Nizar Ben Halim, Rym Kefi, Abdoulaye Samb, Sonia Abdelhak, Ahmed Houmeida

Journal, date & volume: Prim Care Diabetes, 2014 Jul , 8, 171-5

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Many genetic association studies reported the contribution of KCNJ11 gene to type 2 diabetes susceptibility in different populations. We aimed to evaluate the association between E23K variant of KCNJ11 and type 2 diabetes in the Mauritanian population.We performed a case-control association study including 135 type 2 diabetes Mauritanian patients and 135 controls. Genotyping for the E23K variant was performed using a TaqMan allelic discrimination assay.We found significant association between KCNJ11 E23K variant and type 2 diabetes (Global model, OR=2.08, 95% CI=1.09-3.97, p=0.026). In the Moor ethnic group, E23K was also associated with type 2 diabetes in the general model (OR=2.08, 95% CI=1.09-3.97, p=0.026) and under the dominant model (OR=2.49, 95% CI=1.12-5.55, p=0.026). In the Mauritanians of African descent, KK genotype was not found. Besides, E23K variant was not associated with type 2 diabetes (OR=0.69, 95% CI=0.04-11.32, p=0.793).Our results revealed the risk of type 2 diabetes conferred by KCNJ11 E23K gene variant in the Mauritanian population.