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Title: The small GTPase RhoA regulates the expression and function of the sodium channel Nav1.5 in breast cancer cells.

Authors: C Dulong, Y J Fang, C Gest, M H Zhou, C Patte-Mensah, A G Mensah-Nyagan, J P Vannier, H Lu, C Soria, L Cazin, Y A Mei, R Varin, H Li

Journal, date & volume: Int. J. Oncol., 2014 Feb , 44, 539-47

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Voltage-gated Na+ channels (VGSCs) are highly expressed in several types of carcinomas including breast, prostate and lung cancers as well as in mesothelioma and cervical cancers. Although the VGSCs activity is considered crucial for the potentiation of cancer cell migration and invasion, the mechanisms responsible for their functional expression and regulation in cancer cells remain unclear. In the present study, the role of the small GTPase RhoA in the regulation of expression and function of the Nav1.5 channel in the breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB 231 and MCF-7 was investigated. RhoA silencing significantly reduced both Nav1.5 channel expression and sodium current indicating that RhoA exerts a stimulatory effect on the synthesis of an active form of Nav1.5 channel in cancer cells. The inhibition of Nav1.5 expression dramatically reduced both cell invasion and proliferation. In addition, a decrease of RhoA protein levels induced by Nav1.5 silencing was observed. Altogether, these findings revealed: i) the key role of the small GTPase RhoA in upregulation of Nav1.5 channel expression and tumor aggressiveness, and ii) the existence of a positive feedback of Nav1.5 channels on RhoA protein levels.