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Title: Lethal course of meconium ileus in preterm twins revealing a novel cystic fibrosis mutation (p.Cys524Tyr).

Authors: Alexander Puzik, Deborah J Morris-Rosendahl, Klaus-Dieter Rückauer, Claudia Otto, Peter Gessler, Ulrich Saueressig, Roland Hentschel

Journal, date & volume: BMC Pediatr, 2014 , 14, 13

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In term newborns meconium ileus is frequently associated with cystic fibrosis. Reports on meconium ileus in preterm infants being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis early after birth are very scarce. Associations between genotype and phenotype in cystic fibrosis and its particular comorbidities have been reported.Two extremely preterm twin infants (26 weeks of gestation) born from a Malaysian mother and a Caucasian father were presented with typical signs of meconium ileus. Despite immediate surgery both displayed a unique and finally lethal course. Mutation analysis revealed a novel, probably pathogenic cystic fibrosis mutation, p.Cys524Tyr. The novel mutation might explain the severity of disease next to typical sequelae of prematurity.Preterm neonates with meconium ileus have to be evaluated for cystic fibrosis beyond ethnical boundaries, but may take devastating clinical courses despite early treatment. The novel, potentially pathogenic CF mutation p.Cys524Tyr might be associated with severe meconium ileus in neonates. Disease-modifying loci are important targets for intestinal comorbidity of cystic fibrosis.