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Title: Evaluation of TRPM (transient receptor potential melastatin) genes expressions in myocardial ischemia and reperfusion.

Authors: Tuncer Demir, Onder Yumrutas, Beyhan Cengiz, Seniz Demiryürek, Hatice Unverdi, Davut Sinan Kaplan, Recep Bayraktar, Nadide Ozkul, Cahit Bagcı

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Biol. Rep., 2014 May , 41, 2845-9

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In the present study, the expression levels of TRPM1, TRPM2, TRPM3, TRPM4, TRPM5, TRPM6, TRPM7, and TRPM8 genes were evaluated in heart tissues after ischemia/reperfusion (IR). For this study, 30 albino male Wistar rats were equally divided into three groups as follows: Group 1: control group (n:10), Group II: ischemia group (ischemia for 60 min) (n:10) and Group III: IR (reperfusion 48 h after ischemia for 60 min and reperfusion for 48 h). The expression levels of the TRPM genes were analyzed by semi-quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR. When compared to the ischemia control, the expression levels of TRPM2, TRPM4, and TRPM6 did not change, whereas that of TRPM7 increased. However, TRPM1, TRPM3, TRPM5, and TRPM8 were not expressed in heart tissue. Histopathological analysis of the myocardial tissues showed that the structures that were most damaged were those exposed to IR. The findings showed that there is a positive relationship between TRPM7 expression and myocardial IR injury.