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Title: Responses of intact and injured sural nerve fibers to cooling and menthol.

Authors: Alina Teliban, Fabian Bartsch, Marek Struck, Ralf Baron, Wilfrid Jänig

Journal, date & volume: J. Neurophysiol., 2014 May , 111, 2071-83

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Intact and injured cutaneous C-fibers in the rat sural nerve are cold sensitive, heat sensitive, and/or mechanosensitive. Cold-sensitive fibers are either low-threshold type 1 cold sensitive or high-threshold type 2 cold sensitive. The hypothesis was tested, in intact and injured afferent nerve fibers, that low-threshold cold-sensitive afferent nerve fibers are activated by the transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) agonist menthol, whereas high-threshold cold-sensitive C-fibers and cold-insensitive afferent nerve fibers are menthol insensitive. In anesthetized rats, activity was recorded from afferent nerve fibers in strands isolated from the sural nerve, which was either intact or crushed 6-12 days before the experiment distal to the recording site. In all, 77 functionally identified afferent C-fibers (30 intact fibers, 47 injured fibers) and 34 functionally characterized A-fibers (11 intact fibers, 23 injured fibers) were tested for their responses to menthol applied to their receptive fields either in the skin (10 or 20%) or in the nerve (4 or 8 mM). Menthol activated all intact (n = 12) and 90% of injured (n = 20/22) type 1 cold-sensitive C-fibers; it activated no intact type 2 cold-sensitive C-fibers (n = 7) and 1/11 injured type 2 cold-sensitive C-fibers. Neither intact nor injured heat- and/or mechanosensitive cold-insensitive C-fibers (n = 25) and almost no A-fibers (n = 2/34) were activated by menthol. These results strongly argue that cutaneous type 1 cold-sensitive afferent fibers are nonnociceptive cold fibers that use the TRPM8 transduction channel.