PubMed 24582665

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Automatically associated channels: KCNK3 , Kir1.1 , Kir6.2

Title: A mutation causing increased KATP channel activity leads to reduced anxiety in mice.

Authors: Carolina Lahmann, Rebecca H Clark, Michaela Iberl, Frances M Ashcroft

Journal, date & volume: Physiol. Behav., 2014 Apr 22 , 129, 79-84

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Activating mutations in the Kir6.2 (KCNJ11) subunit of the ATP-sensitive potassium channel cause neonatal diabetes. Many patients also suffer from neurological complications. By using mice carrying a human Kir6.2 mutation (Val(59) to Met(59); nV59M mice) targeted to neurones, we show that these mutations also result in altered anxiety behaviour. The light/dark box, successive alleys and elevated plus maze tasks revealed that nV59M mice have reduced anxiety related responses. Additionally, nV59M mice displayed enhanced basal locomotor activity and exploratory behaviour, as assessed by the low anxiety open-field test. These findings, in combination with previously reported hyperactivity of nV59M mice, appear to correlate with the increased impulsivity and inattentiveness reported in iDEND/DEND patients.