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Title: TRPM5.

Authors: Emily R Liman

Journal, date & volume: Handb Exp Pharmacol, 2014 , 222, 489-502

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TRPM5 is a Ca(2+)-activated cation channel that mediates signaling in taste and other chemosensory cells. Within taste cells, TRPM5 is the final element in a signaling cascade that starts with the activation of G protein-coupled receptors by bitter, sweet, or umami taste molecules and that requires the enzyme PLCβ2. PLCβ2 breaks down PIP2 into DAG and IP3, and the ensuing release of Ca(2+) from intracellular stores activates TRPM5. Since its initial discovery in the taste system, TRPM5 has been found to be distributed in sparse chemosensory cells located throughout the digestive track, in the respiratory system, and in the olfactory system. It is also found in pancreatic islets, where it contributes to insulin secretion. This review highlights recent work on the mechanisms of the activation of the TRPM5 channel and its regulation by voltage, phosphoinositides, temperature, and pH. The distribution of the channel in the body and its functional contribution to various sensory and nonsensory processes are discussed.