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Title: Genetic spectrum and clinical correlates of somatic mutations in aldosterone-producing adenoma.

Authors: Fabio Luiz Fernandes-Rosa, Tracy Ann Williams, Anna Riester, Olivier Steichen, Felix Beuschlein, Sheerazed Boulkroun, Tim M Strom, Silvia Monticone, Laurence Amar, Tchao Meatchi, Franco Mantero, Maria-Verena Cicala, Marcus Quinkler, Francesco Fallo, Bruno Allolio, Giampaolo Bernini, Mauro Maccario, Gilberta Giacchetti, Xavier Jeunemaitre, Paolo Mulatero, Martin Reincke, Maria-Christina Zennaro

Journal, date & volume: Hypertension, 2014 Aug , 64, 354-61

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