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Title: Keratinocyte growth regulation TRP-ed up over downregulated TRPV4?

Authors: Wolfgang Liedtke, Jennifer Y Zhang, Russell P Hall, Martin Steinhoff

Journal, date & volume: J. Invest. Dermatol., 2014 Sep , 134, 2310-2

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This commentary on an exciting new study (Fusi et al., 2014) puts the finding of TRPV4 downregulation in several nonmelanoma skin cancers into context. The original paper point toward possible use of TRPV4 as dermatopathologic marker, also toward the possibility that downregulated TRPV4 can affect biological properties of the cancer, by enhancing, but also regulating tumor growth. As calcium-permeable TRPV4 has recently been identified as UVB-receptor in skin keratinocytes, where it regulates skin tissue injury and pain after UVB overexposure, it is discussed whether TRPV4 downregulation can also be found in other non-UVB-exposed cancers.