PubMed 25229156

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Automatically associated channels: ClvC4 , ClvC5

Title: Multiple discrete transitions underlie voltage-dependent activation in CLC Cl(-)/H(+) antiporters.

Authors: Matthias Grieschat, Alexi K Alekov

Journal, date & volume: Biophys. J., 2014 Sep 16 , 107, L13-5

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Most mammalian chloride channels and transporters in the CLC family display pronounced voltage-dependent gating. Surprisingly, despite the complex nature of the gating process and the large contribution to it by the transport substrates, experimental investigations of the fast gating process usually produce canonical Boltzmann activation curves that correspond to a simple two-state activation. By using nonlinear capacitance measurements of two mutations in the ClC-5 transporter, here we are able to discriminate and visualize discrete transitions along the voltage-dependent activation pathway. The strong and specific dependence of these transitions on internal and external [Cl(-)] suggest that CLC gating involves voltage-dependent conformational changes as well as coordinated movement of transported substrates.