PubMed 25247599

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPA , TRPA1

Title: Smooth muscle-depressant activity of AP-18, a putative TRPA1 antagonist in the guinea pig intestine.

Authors: Lorand Barthó, Zsolt Sándor, Dezsö Kelemen, Robert Papp, Rita Benkó

Journal, date & volume: Pharmacology, 2014 , 94, 131-4

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AP-18, a putative antagonist at TRPA1 receptor/ion channel, caused smooth muscle relaxation at 10-100 µmol/l. It inhibited cholinergic twitch responses evoked by electrical field stimulation of cholinergic nerves as well as contractions in response to acetylcholine and histamine in the guinea pig small intestine. AP-18 (30 µmol/l) blocked spontaneous contractions of longitudinal strips of human jejunum. It is concluded that AP-18 may have limited value in studying TRPA1-mediated responses in smooth muscles and should probably be used with care in other preparations because of possible nonspecific effects.