PubMed 25272712

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPM , TRPM8

Title: [Respiratory system response to cooling in subjects with single nucleotide polymorphism rs11562975 in gene of thermosensitive TRPM8 ion channel].

Authors: T V Kozyreva, E Ia Tkachenko, T A Potapova, M I Voevoda

Journal, date & volume: Fiziol Cheloveka, 2014 Mar-Apr , 40, 94-8

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On the basis of genomic studies in subjects belonged to Russian ethnic group it was identified individuals with heterozygous genotype, containing the C-allele in single nucleotide polymorphism rs11562975, located in 6 exon of the gene encoding the temperature-sensitive ion channel TRPM8. Subjects with heterozygous genotype GC were characterized by not only increased sensation to cold but also hypometabolic response to local skin cooling and non-temperature activation of TRPM8 ion channel by menthol--decrease in total metabolism, pulmonary ventilation and coefficient of oxygen extraction. The subjects with homozygous genotype GG had a lower cold sensation and adequate response to local skin cooling in respect to thermoregulation--decrease in respiratory heat loss and increase in the lipid metabolism.