PubMed 25366235

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Automatically associated channels: KCNK , KCNK1 , KCNK10 , KCNK2 , KCNK4

Title: Temperature sensitivity of two-pore (K2P) potassium channels.

Authors: Eve R Schneider, Evan O Anderson, Elena O Gracheva, Sviatoslav N Bagriantsev

Journal, date & volume: Curr Top Membr, 2014 , 74, 113-33

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At normal body temperature, the two-pore potassium channels TREK-1 (K2P2.1/KCNK2), TREK-2 (K2P10.1/KCNK10), and TRAAK (K2P4.1/KCNK2) regulate cellular excitability by providing voltage-independent leak of potassium. Heat dramatically potentiates K2P channel activity and further affects excitation. This review focuses on the current understanding of the physiological role of heat-activated K2P current, and discusses the molecular mechanism of temperature gating in TREK-1, TREK-2, and TRAAK.