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Title: Chiral asymmetry in the multiphoton ionization of methyloxirane using femtosecond electron-ion coincidence imaging.

Authors: Mohammad M Rafiee Fanood, Ivan Powis, Maurice H M Janssen

Journal, date & volume: J Phys Chem A, 2014 Dec 11 , 118, 11541-6

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Multiphoton photoelectron circular dichroism (MP-PECD) has been observed as an asymmetry in the angular distribution of photoelectrons emitted in the ionization of pure enantiomers of the small chiral molecule methyloxirane using a femtosecond laser operated at 420 nm. Energetically, this requires the uptake of four photons. By switching the laser between left- and right-circular polarization, and observing the differences in the full three-dimensional electron momentum distribution recorded in an electron-ion coincidence technique, the chiral (odd) terms in the angular distribution expression can be isolated. Electron events can additionally be filtered by coincident ion mass, providing mass-tagged electron distributions and quantitative measures of the MP-PECD asymmetry that help characterize the different ionization channels. For the production of ground state parent cation, the magnitude of the mean chiral asymmetry is measured to be 4.7%, with a peak magnitude exceeding 10%