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Automatically associated channels: KCNK , KCNK1 , KCNK17 , Nav1.5 , Nav1.8 , TRP , TRPM , TRPM4

Title: Inherited progressive cardiac conduction disorders.

Authors: Alban-Elouen Baruteau, Vincent Probst, Hugues Abriel

Journal, date & volume: Curr. Opin. Cardiol., 2015 Jan , 30, 33-9

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Progressive cardiac conduction disorder (PCCD) is an inherited cardiac disease that may present as a primary electrical disease or be associated with structural heart disease. In this brief review, we present recent clinical, genetic, and molecular findings relating to PCCD.Inherited PCCD in structurally normal hearts has been found to be linked to genetic variants in the ion channel genes SCN5A, SCN1B, SCN10A, TRPM4, and KCNK17, as well as in genes coding for cardiac connexin proteins. In addition, several SCN5A mutations lead to 'cardiac sodium channelopathy overlap syndrome'. Other genes coding for cardiac transcription factors, such as NKX2.5 and TBX5, are involved in the development of the cardiac conduction system and in the morphogenesis of the heart. Mutations in these two genes have been shown to cause cardiac conduction disorders associated with various congenital heart defects.PCCD is a hereditary syndrome, and genetic variants in multiple genes have been described to date. Genetic screening and identification of the causal mutation are crucial for risk stratification and family counselling.