PubMed 25501906

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPV , TRPV1

Title: Remote regulation of glucose homeostasis in mice using genetically encoded nanoparticles.

Authors: Sarah A Stanley, Jeremy Sauer, Ravi S Kane, Jonathan S Dordick, Jeffrey M Friedman

Journal, date & volume: Nat. Med., 2015 Jan , 21, 92-8

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Means for temporally regulating gene expression and cellular activity are invaluable for elucidating underlying physiological processes and would have therapeutic implications. Here we report the development of a genetically encoded system for remote regulation of gene expression by low-frequency radio waves (RFs) or a magnetic field. Iron oxide nanoparticles are synthesized intracellularly as a GFP-tagged ferritin heavy and light chain fusion. The ferritin nanoparticles associate with a camelid anti-GFP-transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 fusion protein, αGFP-TRPV1, and can transduce noninvasive RF or magnetic fields into channel activation, also showing that TRPV1 can transduce a mechanical stimulus. This, in turn, initiates calcium-dependent transgene expression. In mice with stem cell or viral expression of these genetically encoded components, remote stimulation of insulin transgene expression with RF or a magnet lowers blood glucose. This robust, repeatable method for remote regulation in vivo may ultimately have applications in basic science, technology and therapeutics.