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Title: Ca(2+) Binding Protein S100A1 Competes with Calmodulin and PIP2 for Binding Site on the C-Terminus of the TPRV1 Receptor.

Authors: Lenka Grycova, Blanka Holendova, Zdenek Lansky, Ladislav Bumba, Michaela Jirku, Kristyna Bousova, Jan Teisinger

Journal, date & volume: ACS Chem Neurosci, 2015 Mar 18 , 6, 386-92

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Transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 ion channel (TRPV1) belongs to the TRP family of ion channels. These channels play a role in many important biological processes such as thermosensation and pain transduction. The TRPV1 channel was reported to be also involved in nociception. Ca(2+) ions are described to participate in the regulation of TRP channels through the interaction with Ca(2+)-binding proteins, such as calmodulin or S100A1. Calmodulin is involved in the Ca(2+)-dependent regulation of TRPV1 via its binding to the TRPV1 C-terminal region. However, the role of the Ca(2+)-binding protein S100A1 in the process of TRP channel regulation remains elusive. Here we characterized a region on the TRPV1 C-terminus responsible for the interaction with S100A1 using biochemical and biophysical tools. We found that this region overlaps with previously identified calmodulin and PIP2 binding sites and that S100A1 competes with calmodulin and PIP2 for this binding site. We identified several positively charged residues within this region, which have crucial impact on S100A1 binding, and we show that the reported S100A1-TRPV1 interaction is calcium-dependent. Taken together, our data suggest a mechanism for the mutual regulation of PIP2 and the Ca(2+)-binding proteins S100A1 and calmodulin to TRPV1.