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Title: ThermoTRPs and Pain.

Authors: Robyn J Laing, Ajay Dhaka

Journal, date & volume: Neuroscientist, 2015 Jan 21 , ,

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The ability of the body to perceive noxious stimuli lies in a heterogeneous group of primary somatosensory neurons termed nociceptors. The molecular receptors of noxious mechanical, temperature, or chemical stimuli are expressed in these neurons and have drawn considerable attention as possible targets for analgesic development to improve treatment for the millions who suffer from chronic pain conditions. A number of thermoTRPs, a subset of the transient receptor potential family of ion channels, are activated by a wide range on noxious stimuli. In this review, we review the function of these channels and examine the evidence that thermoTRPs play a vital role in acute, inflammatory and neuropathic nociception.