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Title: Replication of bipolar disorder susceptibility alleles and identification of two novel genome-wide significant associations in a new bipolar disorder case-control sample.

Authors: E K Green, M Hamshere, L Forty, K Gordon-Smith, C Fraser, E Russell, D Grozeva, G Kirov, P Holmans, J L Moran, S Purcell, P Sklar, M J Owen, M C O'Donovan, L Jones, , I R Jones, N Craddock

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Psychiatry, 2013 Dec , 18, 1302-7

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We have conducted a genotyping study using a custom Illumina Infinium HD genotyping array, the ImmunoChip, in a new UK sample of 1218 bipolar disorder (BD) cases and 2913 controls that have not been used in any studies previously reported independently or in meta-analyses. The ImmunoChip was designed before the publication of the Psychiatric Genome-Wide Association Study Consortium Bipolar Disorder Working Group (PGC-BD) meta-analysis data. As such 3106 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with a P-value <1 × 10(-3) from the BD meta-analysis by Ferreira et al. were genotyped. We report support for two of the three most strongly associated chromosomal regions in the Ferreira study, CACNA1C (rs1006737, P=4.09 × 10(-4)) and 15q14 (rs2172835, P=0.043) but not ANK3 (rs10994336, P=0.912). We have combined our ImmunoChip data (569 quasi-independent SNPs from the 3016 SNPs genotyped) with the recently published PGC-BD meta-analysis data, using either the PGC-BD combined discovery and replication data where available or just the discovery data where the SNP was not typed in a replication sample in PGC-BD. Our data provide support for two regions, at ODZ4 and CACNA1C, with prior evidence for genome-wide significant (GWS) association in PGC-BD meta-analysis. In addition, the combined analysis shows two novel GWS associations. First, rs7296288 (P=8.97 × 10(-9), odds ratio (OR)=0.9), an intergenic polymorphism on chromosome 12 located between RHEBL1 and DHH. Second, rs3818253 (P=3.88 × 10(-8), OR=1.16), an intronic SNP on chromosome 20q11.2 in the gene TRPC4AP, which lies in a high linkage disequilibrium region along with the genes GSS and MYH7B.