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Title: [Expression of GIRK4 gene in kidney tissues of obese rat].

Authors: Yong-an Kang, Yan-rong Hu, Li Gao, Hai Yang, Nan-fang Li

Journal, date & volume: Zhongguo Yi Xue Ke Xue Yuan Xue Bao, 2013 Feb , 35, 36-9

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To investigate the expression of GIRK4 gene in the kidney tissues of obese rats.Obese rat models were established using diet-induced method. The GIRK4 protein expression in kidney tissues was determined in 20 obese rats and 10 normal rats using Western blot analysis.The relative expression level of GIRK4 protein in the kidney tissues of obese rat (1.75±0.42) was significantly lower than that in normal rats (3.37±0.68, P<0.05).GIRK4 has a low protein expression in the kidney tissues of obese rat.