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Title: Ech1 is a potent suppressor of lymphatic metastasis in hepatocarcinoma.

Authors: Jun Zhang, Mingzhong Sun, Rongkuan Li, Shuqing Liu, Jun Mao, Yuhong Huang, Bo Wang, Li Hou, Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim, Jianwu Tang

Journal, date & volume: Biomed. Pharmacother., 2013 Sep , 67, 557-60

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We have previously demonstrated that Ech1 is involved in the lymphatic metastasis of tumors in vitro. Here, we gain an insight into the role that Ech1 is playing in Hca-F cell. The expression of Annexin A7, Gelsolin and Clic1 genes, which were also relevant to tumor lymphatic metastasis, had been inhibited due to downregulation Ech1 gene by Western blot analysis. And downregulated of Ech1 inhibits the metastasic capability of Hca-F cells to peripheral lymph nodes in vivo. Our work indicates although the involvement of Ech1 in tumor metastasis development and progression, but the subcellular location of Ech1 has not much contribution to that.