PubMed 24109808

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Title: An in vitro demonstration of CMOS-based optoelectronic neural interface device for optogenetics.

Authors: T Tokuda, S Nakajima, Y Maezawa, T Noda, K Sasagawa, Y Ishikawa, S Shiosaka, J Ohta

Journal, date & volume: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2013 , 2013, 799-802

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A CMOS-based neural interface device equipped with an integrated micro light source array for optogenetics was fabricated and demonstrated. A GaInN LED array formed on sapphire substrate was successfully assembled with a multifunctional CMOS image sensor that is capable of on-chip current injection. We demonstrated a functionality of light stimulation onto ChR2-expressed cells in an in vitro experiment. A ChR2-expressed cell were successfully stimulated with the light emitted from the fabricated device.