PubMed 24197061

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Title: MicroRNA-194 (miR-194) regulates ROMK channel activity by targeting intersectin 1.

Authors: Dao-Hong Lin, Peng Yue, Chengbiao Zhang, Wen-Hui Wang

Journal, date & volume: Am. J. Physiol. Renal Physiol., 2014 Jan 1 , 306, F53-60

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The aim of the study is to explore the role of miR-194 in mediating the effect of high-K (HK) intake on ROMK channel. Northern blot analysis showed that miR-194 was expressed in kidney and that HK intake increased while low-K intake decreased the expression of miR-194. Real-time PCR analysis further demonstrated that HK intake increased the miR-194 expression in the cortical collecting duct. HK intake decreased the expression of intersectin 1 (ITSN1) which enhanced With-No-Lysine Kinase (WNK)-induced endocytosis of ROMK. Expression of miR-194 mimic decreased luciferase reporter gene activity in HEK293 T cells transfected with ITSN-1-3'UTR containing the complementary seed sequence for miR-194. In contrast, transfection of miR-194 inhibitor increased the luciferase activity. This effect was absent in the cells transfected with mutated 3'UTR of ITSN1 in which the complimentary seed sequence was deleted. Moreover, the inhibition of miR-194 expression increased the protein level of endogenous ITSN1 in HEK293T cells. Expression of miR-194 mimic also decreased the translation of exogenous ITSN1 in the cells transfected with the ITSN1 containing 3'UTR but not with 3'UTR-free ITSN1. Expression of pre-miR-194 increased K currents and ROMK expression in the plasma membrane in ROMK-transfected cells. Coexpression of ITSN1 reversed the stimulatory effect of miR-194 on ROMK channels. This effect was reversed by coexpression of ITSN1. We conclude that miR-194 regulates ROMK channel activity by modulating ITSN1 expression thereby enhancing ITSN1/WNK-dependent endocytosis. It is possible that miR-194 is involved in mediating the effect of a HK intake on ROMK channel activity.