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Title: [Current status and future perspective in inherited cardiac arrhythmias].

Authors: Wataru Shimizu

Journal, date & volume: Nippon Rinsho, 2014 Mar , 72, 553-63

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Some patients with inherited cardiac arrhythmias such as congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS), Brugada syndrome, and early repolarization syndrome (ERS) have a link to mutations in genes encoding for ion channels or other membrane components. The diagnosis and management for inherited cardiac arrhythmias have been updated in recently published HRS/EHRA/APHRS Expert Consensus Statement. More recently, an exome study or whole genome study by using next generation sequencer as well as a genome-wide association study (GWAS) by using a gene array have been introduced to identify a new responsible gene or to explore the role of common genetic variants (polymorphisms) as a susceptible or modifier gene in inherited cardiac arrhythmias.