PubMed 24800546

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Title: [Gentamicin on inner hair cells ribbon synapases CaV1.3 calcium ion channel protein expression].

Authors: Jianhua Sun, Xuefeng Wang, Ke Liu

Journal, date & volume: Lin Chung Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi, 2014 Feb , 28, 261-4

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To learn the influence the gentamycin on C57BL/6J mice hear and cochlear hair cell ribbon synapses CaV1.3 calcium protein amount. To explore the relationship between hear loss and its dosage correlation change and significance.The fixed amino glucoside to C57BL/6J mice was used to make abdominal cavity injection mold every day. The auditory brain-stem response ABR was used to measure the hear of mice in 7th, 14th, 28th after the injection. Immunofluorescence method was used to observe cochlear basement membrane of hair ribbon synapse CaV1.3 calcium channel proteins in the distribution and expression. Inner hair cells synaptic membrane was immune fluorescent tags with CtbP2 and CaV1. 3.With the growth of the injected drugs, ABR threshold increased,but all the hair cells and shape had no obvious change. However the amount of hair rib bon synapse CaV1.3 calcium ion channel proteins in the expression had significant differences (P < 0.01). CaV1.3 calcium ion channel proteins increased slightly lower than normal at 7th day, significantly decreased at 14th day, had increased, increased quantity compare with 14th day, but at 28th day after intraperitoneal injection of gentamicin.The increasing,decreasing and increasing trend of cochlear hair cells CaV1.3 proteins in the environment of amino glucoside drug toxicity showed that the increase of hair ribbon synapse CaV1.3 proteins may have a compensatory effect on the drug toxicity. With the increase of the drug toxicity effect, this kind of decompensated function could be the listening decline, which may be one of the mechanism of damage to hearing.