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Title: [Dent's syndrome. Nephrology follow-up of four patients of the same family].

Authors: G Coulibaly, F Babinet, G Champion

Journal, date & volume: Nephrol. Ther., 2012 Apr , 8, 92-5

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Dent's syndrome is a rare inherited tubulopathy. Factors influencing renal function in this disease are not well known. The aim of our study is to investigate the evolution of the Dent's syndrome in renal plan. The study was retrospective and conducted in 2006, concerning four brothers. The genetic defect was a mutation S244L missense in exon 6 of gene CLCN5. Various parameters were studied. Patients were 8.5 to 21-years-old at the beginning of the follow-up. Two of them had chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) which evolved, at least 7 years of moderate to terminal stage. Tubular signs were made of hypokalemia, hypercalciuria, hypophosphatemia and proteinuria mostly β2 microglobulin. Improvement of these abnormalities was obtained with symptomatic treatment which has not always been well tolerated. A case of beginner nephrocalcinosis was observed. There was size and weight delay at the beginning of patient monitoring. Dent's syndrome may be complicated by CRI. It seems to appear in the second decade of life and hypercalciuria would contribute to it. Our CRI patients had significant bone disease. The hypercalciuria and proteinuria are factors over which we try to act. Clinical trials are needed to evaluate the efficacy of treatment on the reduction of CRI or its progression by reducing these factors in patients with Dent's syndrome.