PubMed 22538758

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Title: Deferoxamine attenuates iron-induced long-term neurotoxicity in rats with traumatic brain injury.

Authors: Lijun Zhang, Rong Hu, Mei Li, Fei Li, Hui Meng, Gang Zhu, Jiangkai Lin, Hua Feng

Journal, date & volume: Neurol. Sci., 2013 May , 34, 639-45

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This study investigated whether deferoxamine (DFO), an iron chelator attenuates iron-induced toxicity in rats with traumatic brain injury. In this study, three groups of Sprague-Dawley rats (sham, injury and DFO groups) were examined. Rats were killed on day 28 after Morris water maze testing and brains perfused for either non-heme brain binding or hemosiderin staining. Western blotting was used to measure protein levels of ferritin, transferrin and transient receptor potential canonical channel 6 (TRPC6). In TBI rats, there was a significant increase in brain iron on day 28, ferritin L, ferritin H, transferrin and TRPC6 levels were all significantly elevated post-TB1. There were also deficits in spatial learning and memory; however, DFO administration attenuated these effects in TBI rats supporting the notion that DFO may reduce brain injury accentuated by iron overload.