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Title: The reverse roles of transient receptor potential canonical channel-3 and -6 in neuronal death following pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus.

Authors: Duk-Soo Kim, Hea Jin Ryu, Ji-Eun Kim, Tae-Cheon Kang

Journal, date & volume: Cell. Mol. Neurobiol., 2013 Jan , 33, 99-109

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Transient receptor potential canonical channel (TRPC) is a nonselective cation channel permeable to Ca(2+), which is expressed in many cell types, including neurons. However, the alterations in TRPC receptor expressions in response to status epilepticus (SE) have not been explored. Therefore, the present study was designated to elucidate the roles of TRPC3 and TRPC6 in neuronal death following SE. In non-SE animals, TRPC3 and TRPC6 immunoreactivity was abundantly detected in the dendrites of pyramidal cells and the cell bodies of dentate granule cells. Following SE, TRPC3 expression was significantly elevated in CA1-, CA3 pyramidal cells, and dentate granule cells, while TRPC6 expression was reduced in these regions. Pyrazole-3 (a TRPC3 inhibitor) effectively prevented up-regulation of neuronal TRPC3 expression induced by SE. Hyperforin (a TRPC6 activator) effectively prevented down-regulation of neuronal TRPC6 expression induced by SE. In addition, both Pyr3 and hyperforin effectively protected neuronal damages from SE. Therefore, the present study yields novel information regarding the role of TRPC3 and 6 in epileptogenic insults and suggests that TRPC 3 and 6 may be involved in neurodegeneration following SE.