PubMed 23796873

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Title: TRPM4 mRNA expression levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from multiple sclerosis patients.

Authors: S Malhotra, J Castillo, L Negrotto, C Merino-Zamorano, J Montaner, A Vidal-Jordana, X Montalban, M Comabella

Journal, date & volume: J. Neuroimmunol., 2013 Aug 15 , 261, 146-8

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Recent studies have suggested a role of the cation channel TRPM4 in mediating neurodegeneration in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis (MS). We aimed to extrapolate central nervous system findings to the blood compartment by determining TRPM4 expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 12 healthy controls (HC) and 64 untreated MS patients. TRPM4 mRNA expression levels were comparable between HC and MS patients with primary progressive MS (n=17), secondary progressive MS (n=19), and relapsing-remitting MS during clinical remission (n=21) and relapses (n=7). These findings do not support a role of TRPM4 in the peripheral blood compartment of MS patients.