PubMed 24193405

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Title: Mg(2+) modulation of the single-channel properties of KCa3.1 in human erythroleukemia cells.

Authors: Colin J Stoneking, Michael J Mason

Journal, date & volume: Pflugers Arch., 2013 Nov 6 , ,

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The activity of many ion channels is modulated by ions other than the ones they primarily conduct, with important consequences for cell signalling. In this study, we demonstrate that Mg(2+) inhibits the intermediate conductance calcium-activated potassium channel (KCa3.1) in human erythroleukemia cells via two distinct mechanisms. Firstly, intracellular Mg(2+) blocks this channel via a rapid, voltage-dependent mechanism that leads to a reduction of the channel's unitary current. We show that this block involves interactions which are well described by the Woodhull model. Secondly, we found that Mg(2+) reduces the open probability of the channel. By analysing the channel kinetics, we found that this reduction in open probability is at least partly due to a reduction in the rate of channel opening from the closed state, a finding that can be accounted for if Mg(2+) competes with Ca(2+) for the activation site. Consistent with this interpretation, we find that the decline in relative NPo observed in the presence of 5 mM Mg(2+) could be significantly reduced by increasing the free Ca(2+) concentration.