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Title: Changes in chloride homeostasis-regulating gene expressions in the rat hippocampus following amygdala kindling.

Authors: Akihito Okabe, Masamichi Yokokura, Hiroki Toyoda, Chigusa Shimizu-Okabe, Koji Ohno, Kohji Sato, Atsuo Fukuda

Journal, date & volume: Brain Res., 2003 Nov 14 , 990, 221-6

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In a rat kindling model, we examined expression patterns of NKCC1, KCC1, KCC2, and CLC-2. In the dentate granule cell layer, there was an activity-dependent increase in NKCC1 mRNA but significant decreases in KCC1 and CLC-2 mRNAs. In addition, CLC-2 mRNA expression was markedly decreased in CA1 pyramidal layer. These results suggest that an increase in [Cl-]i and a resultant reduction in GABAergic inhibition may occur in hippocampus of epileptic rats.